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BEWARE: If you own a contactless debit/credit card, you are at risk!

Millions of us worldwide now own a contactless debit/credit payment card. Most of you are aware but for those who aren’t, a contactless card is one with a small nfc type chip embedded in the card. This allows the data to be transferred wirelessly to nearby reader.

Most cards that utilise this technology can be charged up to £30 without the user having to put the chip in. There are no other security measures for the use of it. Most cards have a usage limit but unfortunately in this scenario, that doesn’t apply.

As a result of this opportunity, criminals have been targeting unsuspecting people in public places.

Males are more at risk as they tend to carry their contactless cards in a wallet.

Criminals carrying a portable chip and pin device linked to their phone can discreetly place the contactless card reader on to your pocket and charge you whilst you’re completely unaware.


The London underground tube has become a popular area, especially at rush hour as detection would be near impossible.

To help prevent yourself from falling victim, they are posts online to “disable” the contactless feature on your card. You can also buy wallets which shield you from being charged until you personally take the card out and use it.

If you’re in a busy area with a contactless card in your wallet, be weary!