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At A Rihanna Concert Recently, A Fan had the opportunity to do this.. As you can imagine, everyone was not expecting that and fans at

Madonna could be facing sexual Assault charges for the bizarre act during a concert. Yep, Madonna is still making headlines. Josephine Georgiou was a fan present

Could this be the crucial alibi Steven Avery has been waiting for? After the series "Making A Murderer" hit Netflix, it has since sparked almost

Someone has taken Ricky Gervais's Laugh and turned it into a Dance Remix.. They go by the name Eclectic Method and they have crafted Ricky's mesmerising laugh

Could this possibly be the best friends blooper ever? You have got to love Friends. Running 10 years and experiencing almost every plot-line ever, its

Kanye West Can't find his Uber either. SO he hitches a ride with the "Papz" This is typical Kanye at the moment. He can't find

It's happened AGAIN. Dog or muffin gets an upgrade. Snoop Dogg or Real Dog? We like this one. Its humble, its doggy style, its dropped and

Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber? Miley Cyrus dropped this one on us herself. We recently dropped our own version on the world inspired by the

Paul Flowers on 4 Day Bender with Drugs and Rent Boys Former Co-Op Boss and Suspended Reverend, Paul Flowers, was recently filmed on a four

New Tomb Raider Reboot set to feature Daisy Ridley! Daisy's Career thrusted into the limelight thanks to the recent Star Wars Episode that hit cinemas

Ali G made a surprise comeback when Sacha Baron Cohen Presented An Oscar The only problem is The Oscars organisers were blissfully unaware. Cohen originally asked

Making A Murderer swept the nation by surprised. When many first saw it on Netflix, people were weary of it simply put down to

Shots, the social sharing selfie app, received an update thats lets its users share any link. The move is an attempt to bring more direct

Kim West Had a breakdown recently as she couldn't find anything to wear. The former Kardashian who probably owns every designer label worth owning posted

Anonymous have allegedly hacked Donald Trump's mobile phone and uploaded Voicemails. The famous hacktivist group took the law into their own hands in an attempt

Kanye isn't having the best start to 2016. Apparently massively in debt, he recently reached out to Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in a desperate

Can you help Leo Find The Oscar? We must admit that it took us about 3-5 minutes. We were half heartedly looking but when we

[easy-tweet tweet="VIDEO: Noel Correctly Predicted the Capital One Cup Final Ahead of the Game" user="vozouk" hashtags="capitalonecupfinal"] If you didnt know already, Noel is a mahusive

Dave Grohl (Nirvana & Foo Fighters) performed at this years 2016 Oscars and it was a real tear jerker. His special performance was dedicated to

Terry Crews recently used Social media to confess about the giant addiction he had to porn. The film actor (originally an NFL Player) released the

Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo of Kanye napping during what appears to be an episode of parenting. Knowing them, this was probably staged but