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Dabbing has swept the nation. Is this Bird that dabs the pioneer? Meet the Bird That Dabs. For those unaware of "Dabs", heres a brief history. The

Ever wondered where all that donation money to the church goes? Well, we have an answer in this time. Yeezys. Originally rumbled back in Feb of this year.

If you think girls don't fart, think again. This one is Huge! The video is shot in a selfie format and a sibling or friend

You have read that right, A murdered Man has attended his own funeral. Before you think this is clickbait and that of course a person

These Guinea Pigs Remind me of my childhood. Never thought I'd say that

This Guy With Tourettes Has a Major Tic Session When The Police Arrive At His School! Tourettes Syndrome is a disorder which causes vocal and

This is what happens when you park your BMW next to the Thames A passer by filmed the BMW being swept away by the Thames

A Party SO Big it made the Air Intoxicated. Students do it again. Uni is the best time for many and partying is often #1

Unfortunately, you read that right. Father Sold His Newborn for Cash To Buy an iPhone & Motorbike It literally sends us back to when Bruno

Is Eye Bombing Next On The Cards..? The world has been subject to some great viral crazes over the past decade. Now we welcome Eye

Check out this dog called "Stryker" (potentially named after a lethal tank) and his reaction to Disney's film "Bolt". Stryker gets up close and personal to

This poor Dog fails to Eat Chips thanks to the simple wonders of a glass table. The Weimaraner gets most of the elements right to eat

Did you know this interesting fact about Doritos? Im a big fan of Doritos. Obviously a brand name for tortilla chips but a concept so simple,

So, lots of people like Oreos and app lovers have no doubt played color switch. For this crazy dude though, that was not enough. In the

A company in Manchester has installed a double bed in the workplace after asking their employees what they want. The HR Consultancy Firm, "Birght HR"

This lass spent the day and evening drinking cocktails on holiday. When the early hours arrived though, the alcoholic mojitos coupled with the heat had

A school kid from Russia has reportedly won a months long stay in a hotel with a RUSSIAN PORN STAR. Now I know what you're

This guy is rewriting the rule book for carrying bricks. British brickies have it easy in comparison. What begins as impressive then starts to turn into

Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo of Kanye napping during what appears to be an episode of parenting. Knowing them, this was probably staged but

Remember that classic song called Baker Street. Probably the most famous Saxophone song ever closely followed by Homer Simpson. Well as you will see, this

Is a Singhbury's local coming to location near you?! Sometimes starting out from scratch is hard. Especially in a competitive industry that is ruled by

Just got into the club, its probably empty as you're one of the first. You need to setup shop and await as the club