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This is surreal but you can visit it. Someone has created a tropical paradise in this abandoned airplane hangar. 50 miles south of Berlin, Germany, is

Discovered from Facebook, this woman claims to be able to unlock an iPhone without a Password being entered. The video of the apparently legit unlock

Ever been bored during a meal? Perhaps waiting for a course to come that is taking a little longer than expected? Well after you have

The crazily intelligent boffins over at NASA are developing a Laser that will be able to send a spacecraft to Mars in 3 days. As it

Checkout this amazing thruster system which can increase your skiing speed. Packing a whopping 30,000 RPM, the death machine is dubbed the Dream Science Thruster

Under Googles monster umbrella of activities lies Android Experiments. On their agenda recently was the Selfie. Dubbed IOIO and pronounced YoYo, the selfie machine produced by

Today sees the worldwide rollout of "Reactions", the new way to express yourself on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg Explains: "Not every moment you want to share is

Millions of us worldwide now own a contactless debit/credit payment card. Most of you are aware but for those who aren't, a contactless card