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Check Out This Free Chat App ‘Tengi’ Where You Can Win Prizes. Great Idea!

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How many of us have a phone with a chat app like Tengi? Well, they all come with SMS but that appears to be fading daily.

Then there are the worldwide adopted heavyweights: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat etc

There is a problem with all of these apps that we use to chat with though. They don’t give the user anything back. nada.

They make a fortune on user base, advertisement and yes they do put that back in to product development but the monies left over goes on their founders and employees supercars, flash San Fran pads and Nobu dinners.

So what is Tengi?


The tagline is “The chat app that gives back”. That, it does.

Now, you’ve probably never heard of it because the 100’s of thousands of apps out there make it a tough marketplace to stand above if you aren’t being backed by a Kardashian or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  (The font is like that as I had to paste it.. spelling issues)

Having said that, you might be hearing about it soon.

This is a simple case of adoption. If your friends start using it, you will.

And here’s why…

The winners this week will walk away with some amazing prizes:

1 × £1,000

4 × £25

And 800 × £5 cash or vouchers

Prizes are delivered directly to you by our payment partners Amazonand Barclays.

You are entered in to a weekly prize draw just by using it. Thats it.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “I won’t win it”.

Even more reason to adopt Tengi now. Start using Tengi today before it gets hugely popular, you have nothing to lose. Even when the apps user base grows, so will the prizes. Even if you won once in your lifetime, its more than you would ever have got from Whatsapp or Facebook etc.

If you win a big prize, well I don’t have to explain that…

More info is on their site but a particular part we like is “We will never sell your data to anyone”. Thats a reason to start using it because the Big Chat App companies are doing that. Big Data is big profit and you aren’t benefitting from it.

Give Tengi a try, tell a few of your close mates who you chat with regularly to do the same. If you or them win, its beers all round.