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We love content, funny media, a hello, even some anger if it warrants it. If you have anything you want to submit then please feel free. If you need to upload something, please do so using a free uploader such as WeTransfer or Mediafire and then simply provide the URL.

If we feel your content is worthy, it will most likely make it on to our site and you will be credited with any links you see fit. If you continually submit good stuff, we will probably hire yo ass.


We live on the Web.

But are based in the UK, near a small town somewhere.


Its about out there somewhere, probably getting spammed to death.

We’ve got an awesomely standard form below for you to use and abuse though.


We live on the Web. Like the first one. I can’t see a phone plugged in anywhere and well, our mobiles aren’t going public.

If you need to contact us, please see the “Our Email” box.


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