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If You Are On EE or O2 Network, STOP Using Emojis Until You Have Read This!


No doubt you have heard of emojis and most are even using them. They are the lil icons you send in messages to your friends.

However, if you are on the O2 Network or EE Network then you might be in danger of being billed.

Recently, without any warning, EE and O2 have started their customers who send emojis via text.

If you send them on Whatsapp or Facebook messenger then this will not affect you but if you ever send them by text then read on.


When a message is sent over wifi or a data network, if you have an iPhone, then at first it will try to send that message as an iMessage. If the receiving phone is not an iPhone, it will be sent as a text also known as an SMS.

Without any warning, O2 and EE have started charging these messages containing emojis at 40p each and here is why.

If the message is sent over the SMS network and contains emojis, it will be converted to an MMS.

These are similar to SMS but the M stands for Multimedia. O2 and EE are now classifying the emojis in your messages as Multimedia and therefore are billing them at 40p per message.

Another scenario where your SMS would be converted to MMS is if you are sending without data. SO if you try to send a message to another iPhone user and your data isn’t strong enough, the message will be sent via the GSM network as an MMS and again you incur the 40p charge.

You’re in luck though if you want to continue using emojis, you can stop this from happening by simply switching it off!

Just go in to your Messages Settings under the settings app on your phone and disable MMS


If you’re an Android user, make sure auto retrieve is OFF and it will only collect them when you are on the data network:


Source: Phil Parker

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