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Ex-Boss Of The Giant Cooperative Group Filmed In 4 Day Drug Bender.

Paul Flowers on 4 Day Bender with Drugs and Rent Boys

Paul Flowers

Former Co-Op Boss and Suspended Reverend, Paul Flowers, was recently filmed on a four day bender involving multiple rent boys, A Hot Tub, Drinks and lots of drugs.

In the video, Mr Flowers is filmed balancing crisps on his nipples and napping after a huge bender involving cocaine and ketamine.

Nicknamed “The Crystal Methodist”, Mr Flowers was filmed snorting lines as he entertained rent boys in a hot tub in his back garden.

Paul Flowers

Mr flowers remains a Church Minister and has vowed to change his ways…

One of the rent boys who attended the sesh described Mr Flowers as “Out of Control” and how he lured the gagging rent boy in with “Charlie and katie”, shite code for the aforementioned narcotics.

Mr Flowers was filmed chopping up the charlie and was later snapped as the high wore off and he crashed. He’s admitted sinning for previous headlines of a similar demeanour back in 2013.

Kris, who was previously involved with Mr Flowers, was allegedly paid £200 to attend his Hot Tub frolic but ended up staying for four days.

Paul Flowers

“I went on the Thursday and stayed until Sunday,” he said.

“There was a big jacuzzi in the garden but he’d covered it with a gazebo so the neighbours couldn’t see in.

“We were all naked in there. I wouldn’t like to be the next people hiring that out after what was going on.

“When he was in the lounge he was getting a few lines ready on a plate. He did them side by side, one of cocaine one of ketamine.

“There were a lot of rent boys, all around their early 20s, and a lot of drugs. People were coming and going all weekend.

“Everyone was getting totally wasted. He was talking about getting a float in the Manchester Pride parade with a load of rent boys on it with him. He was also saying he has a guy who comes to his house to clean it naked.

“He blames the press for everything and whenever the Co-op was mentioned he’d say ‘the b******s. He never spoke about his rehab.”

Sounds like a banging weekend.

Source: Mirror