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Forget Dog Or Muffin. We Got Snoop Dogg or Real Dog?!

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It’s happened AGAIN. Dog or muffin gets an upgrade.

Snoop Dogg or Real Dog?

We like this one. Its humble, its doggy style, its dropped and its hot.

Well, its a bloody 4×4 of dogs and doggs, a minutes entertainment here but we thought we may as well share it.

Skill Level is 2 (out of 5).

Skill Level increases to 4.2 if you’re stoned. (Legal: We are not encouraging you to get stoned)

We have a throw back to what might have spurred this one. We like this link.. so who is doing Cher or Afghan Hound next…?



Its an improvement on the Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber which was a simple pattern of recognition.

This one jazz’s things up a bit with a Dog, Dogg, Dog Dogg then Dogg, Dog, Dogg, Dog repeated twice.

If anyone knows the technical term for that sequence then feel free to post it in the comments.