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Forget Photo-Bombing, Eye Bombing Is The Next Craze To Go Viral

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Is Eye Bombing Next On The Cards..?

The world has been subject to some great viral crazes over the past decade. Now we welcome Eye Bombing…

We have seen people laying on all sorts of surfaces which was dubbed ‘Planking’. An offshoot of that world viral craze was ‘bowling’ which saw people perched on all sorts of surfaces.

Then we started throwing iced water over ourselves to raise awareness for ALS.

We also decided to start necking awfully constructed, alcoholic based drinks for neck nominate. Ah, the memories.

It seems we have another one brewing in the form of Eye Bombing and we have a 34 year old lad from the South of England to thank for it.

He goes by the alias ‘NME‘ and decided to take his street art to the next level with a pack of googly eyes.

We have some images for you to view below, they are quite funny in parts. I can’t help but think this has been done before but now the craze appears to be gathering momentum with #eyebombing

There is even a website for it.

What we are more interested in though is how will the internet react and what will be born out of it…

Anyway get your laughing gear around the images below. If you feel addicted and need more of a fix, check the hashtag on twitter and if you still need more, hit the streets and get Eye bombing s**t.

Eye Bombing Eye Bombing 1 Eye Bombing 2 Eye Bombing 3 Eye Bombing 4 Eye Bombing 5 Eye Bombing 6 Eye Bombing 7 Eye Bombing 8 Eye Bombing 9 Eye Bombing 10