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Here’s How You Can Play Basketball On Facebook Messenger Chat.


How to play Basketball on Facebook’s Messenger Chat App. Warning: Addictive!

Facebook notoriously changed the way you message people on mobile phones a while back and forced users to download their messenger chat app.

Now its becoming apparent as to why. They are stuffing features in such as emotions, video chat and now Games!

In order to play Basketball on the chat app, you’ll need to do a couple of things.

First off, update your messenger app to the latest version as of the 17th March as thats got the goodies in it.

Once you have done that, jump on the app and send them the “Basketball emoji” from your keyboard of emojis.


All you need to do then is click on the Basketball (provided your opponent also has the latest version of the messenger app) and you’ll enter the court…


Warning. Its addictive and you’ll no doubt end up in a war and deleting your mate off facebook so tread carefully.


Enjoy Facebonkers.