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Introducing Opulr – A Luxury Marketplace for the loaded…

opulr luxury marketplace

Flash Cars, ridiculous houses, 1000’s of watches, yachts and a private jet.

All things you could own if you had a tonne of cash in the bank and a spare few hours to browse Opulr.
Opulr is a luxury marketplace catering to the wealthiest people on the planet.
In 2016 it hopes to broker some of the largest deals on the web ranging from extravagantly lavish homes in Aruba to luxury car imports, exotic timepieces, impressive jets and anything else that has a large price tag attached to it.
Its a similar thing to James Edition but has a refreshed look in comparison as well as a more simple layout.
Dealers can sign up to list on the Luxury Marketplace but they must fit within a certain criteria.
Opulr plans to offer a Concierge service to buyers providing fast searches for those clients who don’t have the time to trawl through the website.
The Luxury Marketplace offering also plans to bring Opulr into the physical real world as well with a lavish event for the top clients, guests and dealers dubbed “Opulr Viva” in 2017.
So if you have a large lump of spare cash or some hours to kill dreaming, jump on Opulr now for a browse of luxury offerings.