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Kanye West Tweets Image of Him Illegally Downloading Software. DOH!

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Kanye isn’t having the best start to 2016. Apparently massively in debt, he recently reached out to Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in a desperate attempt to clear his debt.

It seems his cashflow issue is worse than we thought as he tweeted this picture recently which really drops himself in it:

Now at first it seems like he’s just uploaded a pic of his computer screen displaying a youtube video of Sufjan Stevens “Death With Dignity”.

What he’s actually done is uploaded a pic of what he currently is browsing the web for thanks to Safari’s Tabs.

On closer inspection we can see…


Now as you may be aware, Pirate Bay is a famous torrent site. Basically if you want to download something illegally for free, you would use a torrent.

We can piece together what he’s actually doing from this static image.

In the first tab he has Xfer Records “Serum” open which is a Virtual Instrument used in Music Production. The plugin in this case costs $189.99 and is actually a software company owned and operated by none other than Deadmau5.

Now we know that Kanye is “apparently” broke so stumping up the $190 for the plugin is not in his best interests so the next tab displays: Pirate Bay Torrent Xfe…

Its cut off but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that he has ran a search on the plugin over at pirate bay and is now attempting or has downloaded the software illegally.

The 3rd tab shows a review roundup of the 50 best VST/AU plugins which again is software relating to the production of music.

So its probable that the famous Rap star has downloaded and even produced platinum selling records on illegally downloaded software.

Now that is one hell of a slap in the face of the music industry…

Come on Kanye, at least hide what you are doing!