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NASA Are Making A Laser That Will Send A Spacecraft To Mars In 3 Days!


The crazily intelligent boffins over at NASA are developing a Laser that will be able to send a spacecraft to Mars in 3 days.

As it currently stands, a rocket we laughed in 1977 (as we I mean the human race) has only just left the solar system. This emphasises how slow rocket fuel is so the conclusion is we need a new means of space travel. One that is a lot faster.

So this guy called Lubin wrote a paper on the possibility of Laser travel. Last year NASA gave it the thumbs up and he now has funding to research photonic laser thrust.


Dubbed DEEP In or Directed Propulsion for Interstellar Exploration, the project could send 100kg to Mars in just 3 days. Thats a fifth of the time that SLS wants which is another current project.

The actual idea is simple. You fire these lasers at a “Solar Sail” and thus it flies through space at great speed. That coupled with the vacuum of space (pretty frictionless) it will continue to accelerate and reach speeds up to 30% of that which light travels at. A.K.A FAST.

As with anything like this, the problems will now need to be ironed out but if the recent film “The Martian” is anything to go by, that shouldn’t be a problem.