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Science Has Produced A New Way To Make People Like You More.


The wonderful world have science has come up with a theory that people will like you more (or less) based on the parting in your head.

This applies generally more to the Male sector as traditionally women have long hair but the theory isn’t sexist so it applies to all.

The theory is called “Hair Part Theory”. Pretty simple, we were expecting something like “Hairus Partilius Theorem”

Now we have done some research. Most Hollywood A-Listers part their hair on the left-hand side:


If you look at the featured image for this post you will see its the infamous Clark Kent who transforms into Superman. At his day job, in his usual low key alias, he’s parted on the right hand side BUT when help is called, he becomes the left hand side parted Superman. Coincidence? Why the Switch?

The theory goes on to explain that, “When a person puts a part in their hair, left or right, they are emphasising the left or right cranial hemisphere functioning.”

Now the story goes that the left side is reflective of logic, Maths, Language, Memory etc a.k.a the Nerd side. The Right side is generally associated with femininity, visual and beauty.

As we said, it applies to women also. Below is Hilary Clinton for example:


Taken the theory in to account, her parting would suggest that she is to be taken seriously thus enforcing her political stance.

If we carry this on to positive leaders vs negative leaders, you will notice in the ages that presidents, leaders and positive role models take on the left parting.

Then there is this douche…



To summarise, neither parting is wrong so don’t get all bent out of shape reading this and then run to the bathroom to start training your hair to part the other way.

What we can say is that in general, most male left parters fall within the “good” category.

Did ya make the cut?