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Social Spotlight: Introducing #1… Alina


The Social Spotlight Series from VOZO Kicks off with…. Alina

Alina was located On: Twitter

Interests: Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw & Mitchel Cave⚡️

Interesting fact: Turned down sex with an Aussie surfer boy because of harry feels

Sweet intro: So we found alina from a tweet regarding Ex On The Beach. After glancing at her profile and seeing a severe love for Harry Styles, we found our match for Vozo Social Spotlight #1

So alina is a MAHUSSIVE Harry Styles fan evident from a large percentage of the 191k tweets, impressive. To bolster this, her twitter handle is @harrysorgasm – quality.

March 01 gave us our first Harry pic with the caption NO WAY. We literally have no idea so we are going to incorrectly guess that she isn’t a fan of Jazz Hands but still loves Harry so lets it slip..

We then quickly stumble upon her cheating with… JAMES FRANCO

How could you! we don’t blame you though alina, we can think of many places that people would like to “INSERT A FRANCO HERE”

She throws us back to the NO MAKEUP Selfie craze coupling it with what appears to be a #snapchat filter:

Quality stuff.

We soon discover its One Direction in general that alina has an appetite for but Harry still claims the top spot.

Eagle eyed viewers will notice Grimmy in the feature pic and tag, with Harry taking up around 60% of her heart, we can slip in a radio 1 heartthrob into the mix with a fierce possessive “my pretty baby”:

With the epic amount of tweets, we can’t delve too deep but we also find her in the Making a Murderer hype. Was Steven guilty or not? Can we get some light on this?

It wouldn’t be an alina spotlight without an alina selfie so we chose this one, racking up 12 likes and some edgey lipstick:

We feel you too in this one. The boizzzzz could have perhaps benefited from some location based tweeting there. Use and ABUSE that GPS technologyshizzle.

To sum up, we will simply give her the status of The Grim Lovin, Love Cave Makin, HarryStylerminator!

You can follow alina on twitter: @harrysorgasm