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Social Spotlight: Introducing #2… Luke


The Social Spotlight Series from VOZO Kicks off with…. Luke

Luke was found On: Twitter

Interests: Crystal Palace FC, Football

Interesting fact: He isn’t sure what to think about Adebayor. (Nice Rhyming there)

Sweet intro: We found luke after he liked a rival twitter account and gave the lad a follow! After having a little look we discovered he’s a MASSIVE Crystal Palace fan. So Luke, here is your 15 minutes of fame (Heavily football related)

The first tweet we see is a pinned one:

Alan Pardew is the current manager of Palace so it didn’t take us long to discover the passion this LAD has for Palace. Plus his tag is 16/ Palace

We noticed the website that Luke links to is Crystal Palaces one so we are hazarding a guess that he potentially plays football for a youth team? Are we right Luke or you just a RAVING PALACE FAN?!

The tweet count is a rather humble 1950 at current time of posting. You will find it hard to find a none football related tweet but thats ok, Football can be RELIGION.

That being said, the next tweet that caught our eye is:

Bloody railways these day. We understand you Luke. If everyone can bombard @SE_Railway, hopefully we can get them to clean their act up for Luke.

Back to Football…

Its got to be said. The refs these days can make awful shouts. Luke gave this poor ref the #W**ker tag. He probably deserved it. We are guessing this is the West Brom game that ended in 3-2 against Luke’s Love of his life. Our sincere condolences…

We jumped on the media and found pics of a decent day of Luke and his school buddys

Smiles all round so the day was definitely a decent one.

To round up Luke, based on his twitter feed alone, we are awarding him with the title “SE Railway Hatin, Crystal Palace FAN of the CENTURY!”

If you love palace and want to follow Luke, you can do at @lukehollis14

Who will Social Spotlight #3 discover, it could be you. Follow @vozouk on twitter…