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Some Sort Of Skiing Fan Thruster System, Looks Insane!

Checkout this amazing thruster system which can increase your skiing speed.

Packing a whopping 30,000 RPM, the death machine is dubbed the Dream Science Thruster and produced by Contorent based in the UK.

We believe it was originally developed as a light weight paragliding kit but has since been adopted on the slopes by Skiers and Snowboarders. Pretty sure its been on the water as well (Surfers, Paddle Boarders)

Now, you can achieve faster speeds on the slope thanks to gravity so these aren’t a requirement.

However, the upside is apparent when you utilise it on flat ground or even to go against gravity.

It then becomes a powered form of transport. Energy preserving if you’ve ever tried to skate with skis…

We can imagine that if these become popular on the slopes it could cause carnage. But throw in some alcohol and apes ski and remember to where a helmet. Whats the worse that could happen?