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Steven Avery’s Lawyer Claims ‘Airtight Alibi’ Related to Teresa Halbach’s Murder

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Making A Murderer swept the nation by surprised. When many first saw it on Netflix, people were weary of it simply put down to the title.

But after giving it a chance, it had the nation hooked. Many were left with a sense of anger and upset towards the justice system and were routing for Steven Avery.

Left with minimum options, Steven has to now clear his name from behind bars. For a second time.

Steven Avery’s current Lawyer is Kathleen Zellner and carries his case close to her heart. She was many of the Laywer’s who was touched by his battle and is now trying to seek the correct justice.

In recent tweet, She claims to have a solid alibi for Steven Avery on the day of her supposed murder:

Mrs Zellner is proposing that the moment Teresa Hallbachs phone stopped responding, her location was no where near Steven Avery or his yard. The moment her phone stopped responding lines up with the claims when she went missing.

With this new piece of evidence along with the other snippets that are being surface, will we be able to unmake this murderer?

Who knows but we do want another series on Netflix to follow up…

You can follow Kathleen Zellner on twitter here incase she unearths anything else.