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These Students Hosted A Party So Big That The Air Became Alcoholic!

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A Party SO Big it made the Air Intoxicated. Students do it again.

Uni is the best time for many and partying is often #1 on the list. Now most of you reading this will have seen Project X (You might recognise the pic that lured you here).

Some of us have even seen the Australian dude that was the inspiration behind Project X A.K.A Corey Worthington.

Well, introducing Tyler Steinhardt (22), threw a monster at a house he leases to an American University Fraternity called Pi Kappa Alpha.


CBS News reported that the place was swarming on all floors with underage drinkers.

The party soon became out of control as reports flooded in that the property was disturbing the whole neighbour hood. (Quick one here, if you don’t like noise or parties, don’t live next to a frat house).

With reportedly over 200 guests, it took 30 Maryland police officers to diffuse the party.

The floorboards in the house were drenched in alcohol and party goers even managed to fill out the closets to find room.

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Officers who entered the property were straight away alerted to the huge smell of alcohol. One officer took a preliminary breathalyser test of the property and it returned a 0.09 which is over the Maryland DUI limit.

Thats right, the Air was over the limit.

Officers also reported that the house party hit temperatures of over 37 degrees celsius.

Basically, the party sounds f**kin epic.

Luckily for Tyler, you can’t be arrested for supplying drink to minors in the state of Maryland. However, there is fine of $2500 per underage drinker.

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Get your chequebook out Tyler, you’ll need around $275,000.