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Tesco’s Made This Naming Error With One Of Their “Assorted” Products…


Tesco’s may want to rethink how they abbreviate the word ‘Assorted’

Every now and them, some gems come out from the supermarkets chain.

This time an eagle-eyed shopper has snapped a price tag in a Tesco’s store.

How this got past the proof reader as well as the printers and the staff who put them up we don’t know.

Here it is:


As you can see, the Welsh Lady Assorted Fudge has been abbreviated to “Welsh Lady Ass Fudge”

So to disappoint any shoppers who were after “Ass Fudge”, this is just a delicious sugary treat.

At £1.99 its reasonably priced. We can’t help but think Tesco’s mistake somewhat devalues the brand however so we expect that price to come down soon.

We also highly doubt its a marketing ploy to go viral on Social Media either as the key demographic who would buy Assorted Fudge would probably be deterred by the Welsh Lady Ass Fudge.

Get it sorted Tescos.