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The River Thames Decided It Would Swallow This BMW!

This is what happens when you park your BMW next to the Thames

A passer by filmed the BMW being swept away by the Thames powerful tide.

It was left on a slipway on the Putney Embankment. This was obviously done before the tide came in so was sheer stupidity or someone can’t keep up with the finance.

The video was captured by Ted Stone, 18, and told the Metro ‘I saw this walking back to my house in Putney earlier about 2ish. A cautionary tale as to why you shouldn’t leave your car parked on the bank at high tide!

‘The police did come and call it in but i’m unsure as to the fate of the car or the owner!’

The hazards appear to be uselessly blinking away although its a good advertisement for the water tightness of the BMW, we expected it to sink faster.

Had this been an 87′ Peugeot 106, I think we’d have no story.

Comical stuff.