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This Abandoned Airplane Hanger Is Hiding A Tropical Paradise…


This is surreal but you can visit it. Someone has created a tropical paradise in this abandoned airplane hangar.

50 miles south of Berlin, Germany, is where a tropical paradise can be found.

Tropical Paradise

Converted in 2004, the hangar has become an attraction to those who wish to escape Berlin’s climate in the winter.

With a giant pool, slides, hotel rooms, camping tents, hot air balloons and a constant 78 degree temperature, this tropical paradise offers it all.

Tropical Paradise 2

The abandoned airport hanger is 689 ft wide, 1,181 ft long and 351 ft tall. Its home to  13 restaurants and bars as well as a miniature golf course.

On the garden side of things, there are over 600 species found within the 50,000 plants which bring the tropical paradise to life.

Tropical Paradise 3

The place features a hotel room should you find it hard to leave or if you are feeling adventurous, you can camp in tents supplied.

Overall the place looks amazing and certainly sh**ts on the UK! Maybe we can build something next to London…

Source: Guff