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VIDEO: When Chinese See Black People in China…

Thanks to FB Uploader Elihudi Justin Urassa we are able to see what Chinese People act like when they see black people in China.

The reaction was captured on Video and its quite endearing but also awkward.

Assuming it is Elidudi in the video, he is accompanied with a friend called Anjelo. The two are just sat on a step by what appears a town square when China begins to react.

Smartphones are surrounding the pair taking pics and capturing video.

Some locals are even posing next to Eidudi and Anjelo to be in the shot with them and at one point, a local even touches them on the leg like you would awkwardly do if you posed with a Hollywood A-Lister or a Madame Tussauds wax work.

Elided also mentions that because of the buzz they are causing, other white tourists are contemplating whether the 2 are actually famous or not.

So to sum up, if you’re black and want to be treated like your famous, get on a plane to China.