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Woman Does Makeup In Wreckage After High Speed Crash

This is just daunting to watch. The woman is completely oblivious to the situation.

The footage was filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, after a high speed car crash.

The accident happened on March 06 and the accident happened at such velocity that it tore the BMW 335i in to 2 pieces.

There have been 2 sufficient video clips arise from the accident with one actually showing the driver with huge injuries (graphic warning).

The woman is either in deep shock or is extremely inconsiderate.

She remains in the passenger seat and applies makeup. She then makes a phone call.

The driver known as Jean Freitas who was a businessman, later died as a result of the injuries. He can be seen trapped in the wreckage in the video.

The woman, who has not been named, suffered only minor injuries.

The second, less detailed, video is here.