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Your Local Sainsb… Singhbury’s local?! Seems legit.

Is a Singhbury’s local coming to location near you?!

Sometimes starting out from scratch is hard. Especially in a competitive industry that is ruled by giants.

Well for Mr Singh, he thought f**k it. His quick wit coupled with some savvy business skill has allowed him to set up shop with an all too familiar feel. Introducing Singhbury’s Local.

Its a win/win (lose). It looks like a Sainsbury’s, if you’re dyslexic or slow and its a nice mini advertising campaign. The lose is if Sainsbury’s come along and put him out of business over night but hopefully they won’t care.

Located in Aylesbury, Mr Nagpal (Store Owner) insists that store front is not inspired by the Supermarket Giant and that it’s a celebration of his culture.

We’ve chucked in a couple of others as well but Singhbury’s local “bags” the top spot for us.